August 16, 2016

US cotton companies to study the cold transfer technology and its application

August 16th 2016 saw Cotton Incorporated US visiting Newtech Textile led by William Kimbrell, Director of Technology Marketing. Our guests visited COOLTRANS production line and investigated the application of COOLTRANS on cotton fabric printing. Also video of COOLTRANS production flow was shot by our guests.

Cotton Incorporated US, established in 1970 in the States, is a non-profit enterprise with 46 years of experience of cotton products research and development. It was invested and found by the High Plains producers and suppliers in Texas which is aiming to promote on marketing and research and development of cotton products. Cotton Incorporated US is trying to build up a platform specially for cotton products’ manufacture, production, development, and marketing.

After investigating many cotton producers and suppliers in China on techniques, research and development, production, and innovation, Cotton Incorporated US decided to set up a long term cooperation system and relationship with Newtech Textile to promote COOLTRANS to global cotton products producers and users.

Kalvin Chung, Chairman of Newtech Textile, introduced the application and achievements of COOLTRANS technology on cotton and other textiles printing. Allen Lai, General Manager of Technology and Equipments Marketing, guided and companied our guests for the whole process of visiting and video shooting.

Cotton Incorporated US set a high value on COOLTRANS for the research and development, ECO-friendly techniques, technology promotion, and marketing channel development.

The COOLTRANS production flow video shot this time will be used for introduction and promotion of COOLTRANS to global cotton producers and users via multi-channel and in multi-event.