April 13, 2018

Newtech Textile Technology Unveils its Latest COOLTRANS Printing Machines at CHINA INTERDYE 2018


        The world gets to see the high speed, waterless printing and dyeing technologies that are revolutionizing the textile coloring industry.

    Newtech Textile Technologies, the leader in waterless precision fabric printing, announced the latest printing machines in their COOLTRANSä family while exhibiting at the 18th China Interdye show in Shanghai April 11 – 13.
    The Series FP3000 fabric printers, announced at the show, use gravure offset printing for incredible detail and color stability. The Series FP3000 prints both sides of 1.65 meter wide griege in a single pass running at 50 meters/minute.

    The Series FP3000 uses COOLTRANSä room temperature, waterless process for creating brilliant colors in patterns or solids.

    Because it prints solids, the Series FP3000 is a waterless, low electricity replacement for conventional piece dyeing. Series FP3000 also replaces yarn dyeing. It produces fashion-grade denim twills and plaids that are simply printed yet look woven.

    COOLTRANSä patterns and solids look great on cellulosic, polyamide (nylon) and polyester in both knits and weaves.

    “We were inspired by the heat transfer process, which is pretty good for detail, but has real limitations” said Kalvin Chung, the company’s founder and CEO. We developed a cool transfer process, that works with cotton and nylon, and also polyester. It is much more versatile, with better fastness and hand-feel than heat transfer.

    “We are really excited about the Series FP3000’s ability to print solid colors” Chung continued “Can you imagination all the water use and pollution we can eliminate?”
    Newtech also showed their low liquid media-based transfer systems, Series MP1000 and FP1000 machines, which are now shipping around the world.
    Newtech was highly honored by visits to its booth by Mr. Li Lingshen, Vice President of the China Textile Industry Federation, and Mr. Chen Zhihua, President of the China. Printing and Dyeing Industry Association.
    Newtech’s booth was one of the Interdye’s most popular. Over 300 groups from Europe and Asia came to learn about COOLTRANSä technology during the three day show.
    About Newtech
Newtech Textile Technology Co. Ltd., based in Shanghai, is a fast-growing company with unique and proprietary textile coloration technologies. Newtech designs, manufactures and sells equipment designed around its COOLTRANSä cool transfer process. Newtech is also using COOLTRANSä with strategic partners to develop and sell high value printed fabrics. COOLTRANSä has been embraced by major global brands who have come to demand the detail, fastness and fabric range that only COOLTRANSä can deliver.

    Newtech is a portfolio company of Softbank China Venture Capital (SBCVC) recognized as the top venture funding group in China.