October 10, 2016

Newtech Textile and HOYU Textile join hands in green manufacturing

NEWTECH TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. (hereafter “NEWTECH Textile”) in ITMA ASIA+CITME 2016 brought the COOLTRANS printing to a brand new territory, developed the paperless transfer printing technology since 2015. On October 23, 2016 NEWTECH Textile hold hand-over ceremony for the green manufacture printing line with HO YU Textile, and announced the commercialization of two-sided Paperless Satellite Duplex Printing Machine. The delivery of machinery will be started in the early November.

The paperless satellite duplex printing technology is patented technology by NEWTECH Textile. The satellite duplex printing machine can print double faces of fabric in the same passage. It has auto-registration technology, high speed servo motors controlling system, high printing performance. The machine speed is up 80-120 m/min, and commercial printing speed at 40-60 m/min.

Revolutionary Paperless Satellite Duplex Printing Machine
Cost competitiveness: the paper cost accounts for 40% to 50% of total transfer printing cost, the design of paperless printing machine can save 40% ~ 50% of total printing cost. The overall production cost would be even lower than rotary and flat screen printings.

Innovation superiority: Gravure printing performance, duplex printing design will liberate designers’ imagination.
Eco-friendly production process: Paperless Satellite Duplex Printing Machine has the lower ink dosage, 100% transfer rate, stable color consistency, lower water usage, save more energy, it is a green manufacturing process.

The characteristic of paperless transfer printing technology: COOLTRANS technology is applicable to all ionic dyes. The latest paperless transfer printing technology is able to print two sides of fabric at once. High color fastness, extremely low ink consumption. The transfer dyeing concept is water-less, salt-less and quantitatively measurable dyeing concept. Low-carbon emissions, room temperature transfer renders good hand feels to textiles.

Making green manufacturing production line together
NEWTECH Textile’s paperless satellite transfer coloration process is sustainable, eco-friendly, clean and safe production process and conforms to Oeko-tex 100 Standard.

HO YU Textile is aim to achieve very high quality product manufacturing, and they stand with Cooltrans technology which is the trend of the future. In recent years, customers have higher eco-awareness and the textile industry has became more competitive due to product homogenization. Therefore, HO YU Textile has decided to embrace the new technology and corporate with NEWTECH Textile hand-in-hand to build up a green manufacturing production line for textile dyeing & printing industry.

HO YU Textile invests in total more than USD 6.5 million in building up the COOLTRANS Clean production line. The main equipment is the paperless satellite duplex printing machine from NEWTECH Textile which has lots of green manufacturing technologies. The printable fabrics can be ranging from 8D-1200D Nylon or Polyester fabrics which extends HO YU’s business scope as well.