May 9, 2020

Newtech, and Luen Thai signed the joint venture agreement on building advance dyeing and printing production center featured with COOLTRANS Coloration Technologies in Cambodia.

Shanghai, 14 January, 2020

    Intensive water and energy consumption are why fabric dyeing is considered to be the least eco-friendly process in textile industry. With global climate change and increasing sustainability consciousness, it is becoming crucial for brands and manufacturers to seek a healthier alternative.

    NTX Cooltrans® Transfer Coloration solution does for textile dyeing and printing industry what laser printing accomplished for paper printing industry. They are all based on transfer (indirect) and impress printing processes.

    NTX Cooltrans® Transfer Coloration solution comprises both printing and dyeing technologies require 90% less water and no heat to print any design, pattern or even solids onto any natural, manmade and synthetic substrates[ Exception of polypropylene] with superior fastness, uncompromising hand feel and cost neutral to conventional coloration methodologies. Novel dyes and machine system deliver precise color accuracy the first time, every time.

    On Jan. 13, 2020, Luenthai Group held the Luenthai Leadership Summit “20/20 Vision” in Dongguan Luenthai Garment Co., Ltd. In that occasion, Newtech Textile Singapore Pte. Ltd., and Luen Thai Overseas Limited signed the joint venture agreement (JVA). This JVA sets the terms for incorporation of a joint venture company in Cambodia to build a modern dyeing and printing factory with advanced NTX Cooltrans® Technology supplying sportswear and athleisure apparels and related fabrics. On the basis of this joint venture, Luen Thai Group and NTX Group will further comprehensively deepen the supplying cooperation with Skechers China!

    The JV agreement was signed by Mr. Kalvin Chung, the Chairman of Newtech Textile Singapore Pte. Ltd., and Mr. Kelvin Su, Corporate Vice President of Luen Thai Group. And witnessed by Mr. Raymond Than , Mr. Chauncey Shey, Mr. Yaoqing Shen, Chairman of Luen Thai Holding Limited, Mr. Danny Chan, Executive Vice President of Luen Thai Group, and Mr. Allen Lai, the General Manager of Newtech Shanghai.

    After the signing of the joint venture agreement, both parties have started the construction of Cambodian factory in full swing. The JV company plans to start commissioning in the third quarter of 2020, and starts full operation in fourth quarter to meet the strong demands from the brand houses!


About Luen Thai Group
    Luen Thai is a leader in fashion and lifestyle apparel and accessories manufacturing with over 55,000 employees in 20 production facilities in nine countries.

About Newtech Textile Singapore Pte. Ltd.
    A member of NTX Group committed to the innovation and business development for the joint venture of Newtech Group.
At NTX, we continuously bring innovative solutions with engineering, chemistry and advanced manufacturing into reality for building a safer and more sustainable future.

NEWTECH Textile Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

14 January 2020