March 14, 2018

Leaders from CNTAC visit Newtech Textile Technology

On March 14, President Sun Ruizheand President Li Lingshen from China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC), President Chen Zhihua from Printing and Dyeing Association visited Newtech Textile Technology Development (Shanghai) Co, Ltd (Newtech Textile Technology) in Songjiang District. Mr. Kalvin Chung (Chairman of Newtexh Textile Technology) and Mr. Allen Lai (General Manager of Equipment Sales Department) received the VIP guests with warmth.

Mr. Sun and other guests first visited the show room of Newtech Textile Technology. They visited the application cool transfer printing technology and the effect of different fabrics, especially expressed appreciation for the great sports brand effect.

Then the VIP guests visited the production workshop, learned information about the production process of direct printing machine, satellite style transfer machine, dry type rotary machine. The guests expressed appreciation for the cool transfer which is in the forefront of the market and technology in the field of textile industry. They also praised Newtech Textile Technology in the innovation intextile science and technology and constantly improve the development of the market to meet the demand, meet the needs of the development of the industry products and fully affirmed the spirit of practice.

Finally, Mr. Kalvin Chung introduced the company’s core product technical characteristics (cool transfer printing technology), the company currently operates, as well as the next step of strategic development planning to the future development direction for the company. President Sun also made many valuable suggestions and guidance for Newtech Textile Technology in the industry.

During the visit, President Sun Ruizhe pointed out: at present, the printing and dyeing industry is the industry’s core pain points in the green environment. The industry has discussed this with the domestic and foreign top universities, but the trial are not in essence so as to satisfy the human pursuit of color, but also to break the traditional industrial model so as to avoid after the industrial chain workers continued pollution of environment. The cool transfer printing technology textile technology is really an exciting solution.

President Sun requested us to keep close cooperation with Textile Industry Association. The association will do their best to provide the resources to support the promotion of cool transfer printing technology in textile industry.