June 30, 2017

Guests from American Cotton Incorporated and professors from North Carolina visited Newtech Textile

On June 30th 2017, NEWTECH Shanghai received four distinguished guests from Cotton Incorporated. They were Mr. Jerry Lin, Senior Manager of Supply Chain Marketing Asia, Mr. Edward Zhaung, Technical Manager of Supply Chain Marketing Asia and two consultants Mr. Leon Moser and Mr. Wade Carter,senior professors retired from the College of Textile, North Carolina State University. The Importer Support Program (ISP)of Cotton Inc., is sponsored by major U.S. cotton importers, one of the project is to offer education workshop to benefit the U.S. importers of cotton and cotton products. About 50 courses are held in US, Hongkong and Shanghai every year, covering more than 10 different subjects from spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing & finishing, printing, garmenting, QC and denim process… and so on.

Two senior professors from NCSU have been working with Cotton Inc. for more than 10 years as consultants and instructors for ISP. When they first visited NEWTECH Shanghai in 2009, they had added COOLTRANS technology into the textbook of Cotton Inc., which received very good responses. In order to enrich the course and keep pace with the latest development of COOLTRANS, Cotton Inc., and two professors visited NEWTECH again to understand the latest development of COOLTRANS Technology.

The delegation was received by Mr. Allen Lai, the General Manager of Equipment Sales and Marketing Department of NEWTECH. Mr. Lai firstly introduced the four guests the end products adopting COOLTRANS technology from international brands, including garments, backpacks, carpets … and so on. Then Mr. Lai briefed them the breakthroughs and developments of COOLTRANS technology over recent years and introduced the future development path of NEWTECH and application of COOLTRANS technology. After the presentation, Mr. Lai guided the visitors a tour in the R&D site and watched the operation of COOLTRANS printing and transfer dyeing machines.

During the discussion, two professors highly praised the developments NEWTECH achieved these years. Observing the COOLTRANS technology had developed from cotton printing to printing for synthetics fibers, from super light fabrics to high density, high tenacityand high denier yarn fabrics, high elastane content blends, 3D spacer, flocking, terry goods, polar fleece … and so on which were difficult to be printed by traditional printing techniques now have been overcame by COOLTRANS Technology. They also extended their appreciation to NEWTECH’s paper-less transfer coloration technology. After Mr. Lai filled them the insights of NEWTECH and SBCVC’s future strategic deployments, both of them believed in next 5 years NEWTECH’s new technology will revolutionize the entire textile dyeing and printing industry.

Both parties expected to meet again in US. Two professors expressed their willingness to be the bridge of communication, hoping to introduce this new clean manufacturing technology to US and restoringthe glory of “Made-in-USA” textilesagain. The meeting had successfully concluded by taking a group photo.


From left to right: Mr. Edward Zhuang, Mr. Allen Lai, Mr. Wade Carter, Mr. Leon Moser, Mr. Jerry Lin.