November 19, 2018

China’s printing and dyeing industry president and vice president, with industry experts to guide Changsheng & egret joint venture project

On October 30, 2018, Chen Zhihua, the current president of China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, Lin Lin, the former vice president of China Textile Industry Association, Xu Kunyuan, together with Xu Shuncheng, a senior engineer of Shandong Baoshi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Mao Zhiping, a professor of Donghua University, Zhang Zhenhua, a professor of Shanghai Mao Ma Research Institute, and Qian Dyeing Group of Zhejiang Meixinda, are owned by shares. Li Xiangbo, deputy general manager of the company, visited our company and prescribed for Xinxiang Flying Heron Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhong Bowen, chairman of Changsheng Textile Technology (hereinafter referred to as Changsheng), Bomin, president of Strategic Investment Department and Yan Wei, director of Equipment Marketing Center, warmly welcomed the guests and received them warmly.
The meeting was chaired by Yan Wei, Director of Equipment Marketing of Changsheng. Yan thanked the leaders and experts of the Association for taking part in the meeting to give guidance to Changsheng joint venture project. He also reported the background of the joint venture company, the progress of the joint venture project and the future planning of the joint venture company.
After listening to the project report, President Chen and President Xu first congratulated on the establishment of the Flying Heron Joint Venture Factory, and expressed their great expectation that the joint venture factory would bring new and better products to the whole industry in the future, and also expected that the factory would create more and greater value for the industry; then, the project was completed. Industry planning gives industry guidance: industry development must conform to the 13th Five-Year development guidance plan:
1., develop high quality dyeing and finishing technology and enhance the added value of products.
2., develop technologies for environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development to enhance international competitiveness;
3., persist in innovation and green development, and develop towards multi-functional intelligence.
Finally, joint venture factories should consider the advantages of cold transfer printing products to avoid the market competition pressure caused by excessive homogeneous products in the market. Experts such as Xu Shuncheng, senior engineer of Shandong Baoshi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. have also provided professional guidance and suggestions on the rationality of equipment planning and the selection of equipment suppliers for joint venture factories.
Subsequently, the leaders and experts visited the production workshop accompanied by Zhong Dong and others. They highly appreciated Changsheng Cold Transfer Printing Technology for creating a new technology for the industry, and highly praised the efforts and research spirit of our company to continuously improve this technology over the years.