August 9, 2016

NEWTECH’s COOLTRANS technology drew attention in FEBRATEX 2016!

It was a great moment for Brazil. After the World Soccer Cup, came the Olympic Games in 2016 and the largest textile machinery fair in Americas – Febratex was held from August 09 to 12 in Blumenau, Brazil. Newtech Textile Technology Development (Shanghai) Co. has participated in Febratex 2016 to introduce the latest development – COOLTRANS technology to the market in South America.

In these years, green textile manufacturing process has been an important issue of the entire textile industry. The introduction of the COOLTRANS technology developed by Newtech Textile is on course to make a significant global impact. COOLTRANS technology is a green and eco-friendly production technology which not only increase the added-value of textile but also reduces the environment pollution, waste effluents, saving energy and water. This revolutionary technology can be applied to cotton, nylon, polyamide, wool, silk fabrics via cool transfer printing machine is at ambient temperature. Furthermore, the COOLTRANS products have vividness, distinctive nuance, strong stereo perception, smooth gradation and high fastness performance, which cannot be achieved by rotary and flat screen printing. COOLTRANS products also can meet the demand of growing popularity of green products with its ecological advantages.

Febratex International Exhibition of Textile Industry was held in Blumenau Santa Catarina in southern Brazil every two years. The event exhibits a variety of textile equipment, with a special focus on sustainability and environment. The exhibition features accessories, supplies and raw materials, as well as technical information and the latest trends.

Brazil is among the top 10 textile industry markets worldwide and among the top five as an apparel producing country. The Brazilian textile and apparel industry comprises more than 120,000 companies in the textile and apparel sectors, generating more than $57 million in revenue per year. The south Brazil is the largest textile cluster in Brazil which accounts for more than 50% of total revenue. Febratex shows the latest collections of the textile industry and will highlight the most recent trends of this industry. This event will update the attendees on the latest machineries, materials and technologies of the textile industry. Featuring technological seminars and cultural contests aims to technologically upgrade all professionals related to this industry.

Since 2009, China is the largest Brazilian partner when it comes to imports and exports. The textiles and garments import from China to Brazil account for $2.1 billion from January to September 2011, which increased 31% than in 2010. In 2015, the volume of imports increased to $3.2 billion.

The 14th edition of Febratex welcomed around 80 thousand visitors, coming from different textile industry segments to meet with a total of 2,250 exhibiting brands from over 50 nations. In the four-day event, Newtech Textile has had very good feedback from visitors. Newtech’s booth was extremely well attended, as the whole fair received visitation by over 300 professionals over Brazil and other countries. Many visitors visited Newtech’s booth twice for gathering more detailed information about COOLTRANS printing technology and its application. Even some local leading companies have decided to visit Newtech Textile Company during ITMA ASIA + CITME show in Shanghai.

Established in 2000, Newtech is the first turnkey solution provider of COOLTRANS technology for digital clean printing and dyeing technology. COOLTRANS technology change the textile coloration processes into environmental friendly, clean and sustainable development processes. Heading toward the low water consumption, zero water discharge dyeing and printing processes as its ultimate goal to achieve sustainability.