November 16, 2018

2018 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition

From October 15 to 19, 2018, the Global Textile Industry Fair: Textile Machinery Fair and ITMA Asia Fair was held in Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China.
This Asian exhibition gathers more than 1700 exhibitors from 28 countries, including China, Germany, Italy, Japan and Switzerland. It has a scale of more than 180,000 square meters and gathers the latest technology of global textile machinery.
Changsheng Textile Technology as the pioneer of cold transfer printing technology, this time carries the third generation of cold transfer printing equipment: satellite transfer printing machine, digital transfer printing machine two sets of models to participate in the exhibition, innovative technology, unique process performance attracted many exhibitors and spectators at home and abroad have come to understand and negotiate.
In the application of cold transfer printing technology, Changsheng Textile Technology has continuously improved itself in recent years. Chairman Zhong Bowen said that any technology going to the market will experience four stages: initial stage, growth stage, stable stage and recession stage. We are no exception. What we have created is a brand-new understanding in this field. There is no shortcut to go. We must step by step and conscientiously and conscientiously make our products the best.
The exhibition cold transfer printing process through a variety of traditional printing process difficult to print fabrics combined with pattern characteristics, color reduction, pattern fineness, design style deduced incisively and vividly, including 10D nylon ultra-light down fabrics, 20D Nylon Double seamless Down-proof cloth with double-layer printing process feather horse clip, more. It is a perfect product that combines the application of cold transfer printing technology with new fabrics and processes, which has won praise from many exhibitors and customers. The uniform and high quality dyeing effect achieved by the transfer dyeing process and the intelligent production mode of green manufacturing are also the highlights of cold transfer printing technology. In the field of cotton shuttle weaving product development, taking jeans project as an example, after repeated research and demonstration, cold transfer printing technology has been able to complete the transfer of various fashionable jeans pattern, washing, laser and other effects. Fully achieve the development concept of “environmental Cowboy”. Cold transfer printing technology not only gradually improves the process of printing products, but also promotes the value-added of printing process, improves environmental pollution, cleaner production, energy saving and emission reduction, and provides a solution for solving environmental protection in the industry.
During the exhibition, Xu Kunyuan, former vice-chairman of the Textile Industry Association, led the leaders of the association to visit Changsheng exhibition booth and made a detailed understanding of the company’s current business development, technological innovation and later development planning. Leaders expressed their confidence in Changsheng, a green, environmentally friendly and intelligent technology. I hope this is the case. This technology can be widely promoted in the industry, and industry associations will also provide strong support for this technology promotion.
During the five-day exhibition, our booth receives a total of customers from many countries, including Bangladesh, India, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries seeking innovative technology in the textile industry. Industry upgrading, process acceleration and green intelligent manufacturing will be the development direction and future of textile industry. Changsheng Textile Technology is advancing with advanced technology, exquisite technology and positive attitude.